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Public Accounts of Canada 2009-2012

Total authority available for use in 2009-10Authority used in 2009-10Total authority available for use in 2010-11Authority used in 2010-11Total authority available for use in 2011-12Authority used in 2011-12
Voted Budgetary Expenditures$97,629,693,339$87,471,108,577$104,281,201,649$92,636,171,227$99,894,737,416$89,717,871,421
Statutory Budgetay Expenditures$138,602,253,763$137,490,030,347$141,948,215,142$140,358,861,908$139,894,870,231$138,514,961,228
Total Budgetary Expenditures$236,231,947,102$224,961,138,924$246,229,416,791$232,995,033,135$239,789,607,647$228,232,832,649

This page provides a tool for exploring the expenditures of the federal government during three fiscal year periods, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12. The data is provided by the Treasury Board of Canada at this page. The data here corresponds to the spreadsheet titled 'Authorities and Expenditures by vote'. A news report about the data release can be found here.

How to use this tool

The graphs below show the distribution of the budget items across government departments, and over increasing $ amounts. By clicking on the charts you can filter the data, and see the list of actual budget items in the table below. Note that the size of the bars in the charts corresponds to the number of budget items, not the amount of dollars.

In the long graph on the left side is the list of all government bodies receiving funds. Click any name to filter the budget items to just that government body.

The six bar charts in the center show the distribution of money spent and allocated during the three fiscal years covered. The horizontal axes (x-axis) show the $ amount of budget items, increasing by factors of 10, i.e. 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, etc. The abbreviations on the x-axis are k thousands, M millions, G billions. The vertical axes (y-axis) shows the number of budget items having those values.

You can select a range on these center charts by clicking and dragging the mouse, and then slide the range around to see the values on all the charts and table update simultaneously.

What do you think

Questions or comments about this page are welcome below. Further information about the data can be found at the Treasury Board of Canada. Notice a bug? Report it here. This page was created by Ted Strauss (@trudatted) using only wholesome ingredients d3.js, dc.js, crossfilter.js, and gridster.js. Sponsored by Trudat.

Data explorer

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  • Government organization (bar size indicates # of budget items)
  • Money spent during 2009-2010 (CA$)
  • Money allocated during 2009-2010 (CA$)
  • Money spent during 2010-2011 (CA$)
  • Money allocated during 2010-2011 (CA$)
  • Money spent during 2011-2012 (CA$)
  • Money allocated during 2011-2012 (CA$)
  • Organizations Description Vote $ Allocated 2009-10 $ Spent 2009-10 $ Allocated 2010-11 $ Spent 2010-11 $ Allocated 2011-12 $ Spent 2011-12